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We offer a vast library of works that will immerse you in a new journey.

Our art books feature riotous colors and skewed perspectives, pushing the boundaries of the art form. With an extensive range of narratives, our books are not the same old story.

Experience the healing power of art through characters who wander, explore, and do many things, all while conveying a visual message. Simpatico Books aims to refresh the culture of reading and connect readers with the unique world of art.

The Complete Broken Skyline Series

The Broken Skyline

Legend of the Melting Towers

We live inside maps Book cover Eloy

We Live Inside Maps Part 1

We Live Inside Maps Part 2

Standing by Water

Art is Dead book cover eloy -

Art is Dead

I am the danger Book cover Eloy

I am The Danger

Refuse the Refuse

Refuse the Refuse

Sunoco Loves Mcdonalds

Sol real Book cover Eloy

Sol Real

Flatiron Book cover Eloy


The legend of the melting towers once again Book cover Eloy

The Legend of the Melting Towers Once Again

tenement versus crane book cover eloy -

Tenement Versus Crane Part 1

tenement versus crane 2 book cover eloy -

Tenement Versus Crane Part 2

Tenement vs crane 3 book cover eloy -

Tenement Versus Crane Part 3

The saxophone state building book cover eloy -

The Saxophone State Building

The cornices of the south bronx Book cover Eloy

The Cornices of South Bronx

The garbage man Book cover Eloy

The Garbage Man

Sword of a study Book cover Eloy

Sword of a Study

The brilliant darkness book cover eloy -

The Brilliant Darkness

Central Park reservoir book cover eloy -

Central Park Reservoir

Chrysler Phone book cover eloy -


Crane works book cover eloy -

Crane Works

a garbage bag with a tablet inside it Book cover Eloy

A Garbage Bag With a Tablet Inside It

Goo goo eyes guggenheim Book cover Eloy

Goo Goo Eyes Guggenheim

The bride book cover eloy -

The Bride

The slant and the slang book cover eloy -

The Slant and the Slang

Find a variety of art books that will leave a mark on your heart.

Art allows society to express emotions and share experiences. At Simpatico Books, we offer thought-provoking eBooks on a variety of topics, from environmental issues to gentrification, featuring Neo-Expressionist artwork and a message of hope.

Disagreement is accepted, creating a welcoming community of readers. Join me in exploring the beauty of art and the power of words to express our deepest emotions through unforgettable eBooks.

Unique Stories with Simpatico Books

Eloy invents various forms of passages and stories in his books, introducing motifs such as the Garbage Bag character.

The stories are perfect for rereading and have an essence that teaches something new with each read. The short story books cover topics like love, life, hope, medicinal health, plants, and even the latest evolution of humanity.

These art books are great for stirring creativity in children and adults and offer a unique perspective on life in New York City.

For teens looking for an art book that inspires, The Broken Skyline by Eloy is an excellent choice. Eloy’s painting style and artistic view provide a unique take on Neo-Expressionism in New York City.