Legend of the Melting Towers Artbook by Eloy

Legend of the Melting Towers is my 2nd installment in the series The Broken Skyline. It is a supplement or extra story from the original story. The introduction to the Melting Towers occurred in The Broken Skyline. Legend of the Melting Towers expands upon that and introduces new characters as well.

Garbage Bag is listening to The Road who is telling him about the Legend of the Melting Towers. In the legend we are told that Fast City Highways came to a screeching halt, a woman became homeless and wanders the streets of New York City to this day and that the buildings call the statue of liberty by her nickname SOL. We are also introduced to the Traffic Meter who finishes the tale.

This story was inspired by the events of 9/11 and my paintings and drawings of this event thereafter.


Follow artist-turned-author Eloy as he takes you on a whimsical journey throughout the city, highlighting its most famous landmarks. From the Flatiron building to The Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hudson river, this art book is a must-have for any New Yorker young or old. 


Thanks to its friendly tone and paintings as illustrations, The Broken Skyline Series is perfect for bedtime stories or anytime you need some New York City magic. So download a copy today and experience one of the most beautiful skylines in the world!

Great for children – This Artbook helps stir the creativity of children and adults alike, and provides an alternative perspective to life in New York City.

Great for teens- If you’re looking for an art book that provides food for thought then The Broken Skyline Series by Eloy are the Art books for you.

Neo-expressionism in New York City – Eloy’s take on the movement and New York City provides an unfiltered painting style and artistic view that only the city has to offer.

Unique storyline – These titles to pieces as passages stories invented by Eloy takes on many forms throughout the books, and introduces motifs as characters such as the Garbage Bag which talks with the world around it. These beautifully composed bedtime novellas are perfect for both children and adults alike. Get The Broken Skyline Series by Eloy today.