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It helps if one has already been to the Amazon

Today I start my journey down the Simpatico Books way. I will do two tasks that call me to duty. One is uploading content to my new website. The one created by him, the one in Pakistan. My so-called publicist and brand. He has helped me become a brand. I didn’t think it was necessary in the beginning. But it’s become instrumental to my leading the works to completion. It satisfies me to see them. Only the cost worries me not. Now.

Hernia FTE part 4
Art and Life

People and Change

Esa inquietud y desesperación del corazón quiero quitar con mis historias. Para que se den cuenta que no tienen que culpar el momento, causado por

Pearl Artwork by Eloy
Art and Life

The Impact of Art on your life

Art and life are interconnected; it is a gift for everyone making life easier and happier. A living soul craves new experiences that evoke emotions


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