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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by Simpatico Books. A self-published art book and storybook brand that’s all about sharing unique and meaningful reading experiences with my readers.

My collection of 29 art books covers a range of social issues that are close to our hearts. I am passionate about mental health, diversity, gender equality, environmentalism, and so much more. Each of my eBooks is carefully crafted, featuring stunning artwork and powerful storytelling that will take you on a journey beyond the pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and discover the beauty of Simpatico Books. We can’t wait to share our passion with you.

The broken skyline book cover Eloy - simpaticobooks.com

The Broken Skyline

It’s the story of a garbage bag that falls in love with the elegant Flatiron, a landmark of New York City. Many of his friends accompany him on his journey to convince her to love him back.

Chess Face book cover - simpaticobooks.com

Chess Face

Ms. Lonely is reading a book. She is deeply immersed in it, the wind is blowing, and a leaf sits on the sofa. After reading for a while, she feels sleepy and goes to bed. Meanwhile, there are other things happening that you shouldn’t miss.

Legend of melting tower Book cover Eloy simpaticobooks.com

Legend of the Melting Towers

The Garbage Bag is curious about the Legend of the Melting Towers. The Road joins him on the journey and tells the story of Nine-Eleven. Neo-Expressionist works throughout.

About Simpatico Books​

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Picture Books and Short Stories to make a difference

Welcome to Simpatico Books! My short stories and eBooks aim to transport you to a new world and leave a lasting impact on your mind.

Meet Eloy, an artist and writer who moved to NYC when he was only seven:

I’ve written more than 34 eBooks, which include the dear Flip to the End Series.

If you’re looking for artistic work that speaks to you. My writings express purpose and vision, poured with heart and soul into every word. 

Let’s embark on an amazing journey together to another world where we see and talk about art and artists. Are you ready?

Standing by water Book cover Eloy simpaticobooks.com

Standing by Water

Included are close to thirty Neo Expressionistic works and a design of the new world trade center I started working on after the heart-wrenching event of 9/11. Witness me working from my artist’s inner eye view.

Sunoco Loves Mcdonalds

This Simpatico Book revolves around a bittersweet love story between Sunoco the Gas Station and McDonald’s. Here Millbrook and Bruckner are having a dream about romancing the brands when…

Quaramania Book cover Eloy simpaticobooks.com


Within the broken skylight sunset, the Saxophone State Building is playing sweetly to the city. The song is about the perils of eating bat soup. But no one is on the streets because the entire city is quarantined.

Eloy’s The Broken Skyline is a Tale of Hope

Discover The Broken Skyline, a captivating and uplifting book that delivers a powerful message of hope.

In a world that feels increasingly lifeless and hopeless, this book touches on deep and emotional topics that will draw you in from the very first page.

Featuring neo-expressionist artwork that will transfix you, The Broken Skyline introduces you to the emotional lives of nonliving objects.

Eloy, the author, imbues these objects with a sense of vulnerability and hope, despite everything happening around them.

For instance, one sentence that stands out is: “Sometimes the homeless would use Garbage Bag as a bed or pillow.”

Published by Simpatico Books, this book is just one example of my collection of eBooks with a message, commissioned art, and artworks for all age groups. Don’t miss this inspiring and thought-provoking read!

Simpatico Artbooks and Stories About Issues around us

Art is a powerful way to express our emotions and share experiences.

Simpatico Books offers solutions to tough questions and embraces topics such as new painting motifs, environmental issues, natural disasters, economic crises and social changes.

Through art, everything is embraced, making it a worthwhile read. Experience hope through these fantastic books with a touch of Neo-Expressionism that I love.

My words and artwork tell my story, with unforgettable painting styles and mesmerizing writing.

The garbage man Book cover Eloy simpaticobooks.com

The Garbage Man

Garbage Man is the 16th installment of The Broken Skyline series. The night is falling on the city and there’s a Garbage Bag on the loose which the Garbage Man must capture.

Sol real Book cover Eloy simpaticobooks.com


SOL REAL sets sail to the tale about the statue of liberty. Her sunny disposition is replaced by a thorny rose of freedom which is no match to her cheerleading abilities. Nevertheless, the burn of her torch is felt.

I am the danger Book cover Eloy simpaticobooks.com

I am the Danger

With its askew perspective, acute angles and riotous colors, Neo-Expressionism serves as backdrop for my New York City in this, a story inspired by our concern for the pollution in our waters.

Critical Thinking Through Art

Art is much more than aesthetics that are meant to please only. I believe in a coherent aesthetic that does not ignore its tremendous power to create movements and change life.

Art has the power to broaden the mindset and polish the thought process of the person. It makes you think about the things that need to be changed in your life and society.

At Simpatico Books, I’m reviving this message by using the power of eBooks to inform children and adults alike. About how dreams need faith,  bad habits that need to be addressed and modern tastes.   

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