About Us

How the story of Hope with Simpatico Books started...


I’m Eloy, and I welcome my lovely readers to Simpatico Books. It is for appreciating and reviving my love for different painting styles, video art, photography, drawings, and even musings and writings I’m able to share and that I love to make.

My Goal

It all started when the little kid inside me that loves to read contemporary books, modern reads, children’s books and art books meets the artist in me that wants to share his message to millions of souls living on this earth with ache and sorrow-filled hearts.

My Achievements

I’ve written thirty four books and four series emerged out of them that are ongoing. It is not about mindless scribbling. Instead, it’s about the love we have within ourselves. 

My books touch on several topics worth mentioning that need to be discussed. Among these are environmental and aesthetic topics, many of my eBooks are about global warming issues that everyone faces now. 

The Broken Skyline series is entirely devoted to that awareness. If we fail to put a full stop to this problem, it will put a full stop to our lives. And of course, the questions of new motifs and paintings as illustrations are peppered throughout. 

My work

The Broken Skyline

Introducing The Broken Skyline, an Art book centered around the iconic and ironic skyline of New York City. 

Follow artist-turned-author Eloy as he takes you on a whimsical journey throughout the city, highlighting its most famous landmarks. From the Flatiron building to The Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hudson River, this art book is a must-have for any New Yorker young or old. 

Thanks to its friendly tone and paintings as illustrations, The Broken Skyline is perfect for bedtime stories or anytime you need some New York City magic. So, download a copy today and experience one of the most beautiful skylines in the world!  


The Flip to the End (series)

I started working on this series while I was producing, composing and writing two main works, The Broken Skyline and Early Work Series. I didn’t plan to make it a work. But it is now part of an ongoing series which includes five chapters so far. In so doing I want to help many aspiring authors who are willing to start a book but curious about the roadmap. It all started with a simple essay on art which soon turned into five chapters. I’m working on this to make it a complete novel and share my life experiences with all of you.

Early Works

A very personal look at my first studio and works. In this series, I take on explaining paintings and artworks from my POV. I am fresh out of art school and mesmerized by my surroundings living in the South Bronx in a studio in an industrial park. I am passionate about art and painting.


These last eleven art novellas focus on the titles as narratives surrounding the photographs and images. It is my newest series. They include the titles, Quaramania, about the pandemic, and A Garbage Bag with a Tablet Inside it.

Why You Must Read These Books?

Writing eBooks is like fuel to me that motivates me to keep going and love everything around me. 

  • Optimistic outlook on life 
  • Experience my personal journey
  • An outstanding way to understand artwork and paintings
  • To pause


I love to hear your messages as they help keep me going. Connect with me on social media.