How art & life are connected & Purpose Of art 

The main purpose of art is to help people and evoke emotions in them. These emotions range from sadness, sorrow, pain, anger, happiness, joy, and many more. There is a lot of research on understanding the connection between art and life. This blog takes us through some of the findings on the topic.

Connection Between Art and Life  

Art has the power to heal people and bring peace to lives. For years artists have used art to express their thoughts, emotions, and desires. To express themselves and even use it as a tool to improve mental health. In short, art is about finding beauty in life; sometimes, it introduces us to harsh truths.  

Moreover, it highly influences the life of a person. The details put into an art piece or a lack of them show the intention of the artist. Art and life are not only connected, but they also serve a deep purpose in the life for every individual. The message in the paintings and artworks is enough to change people’s lives. It motivates them to be better humans and learn something new. 

What Are The 7 Purposes of Art? 

Art has been around for decades and has transformed into many forms. There are different forms and types of art.

Moreover, art and life can change drastically with the passage of time. But the purpose remains the same.  

These are the five primary purposes of art.  

  • It provides an escape from reality.  
  • In the busy world of workload and stress, art is a source of entertainment and relief. 
  • It is a way to convey messages.  
  • A way to express strong emotions and feelings
  • Makes people feel connected and gives them a sense of belonging 

Art and life go hand in hand

Art is what makes it worth living; while some may argue art is an addition to life, others say art is life. regardless of which side you are on, art is everywhere and it has a deep impact on our daily lives.

Whether it is enjoying the beautiful tunes of classical music, painting, photography, videography, digital art, etc. art has played a powerful role in defining how our society as a whole evolved.

A society is known for many things, one of the biggest indicators of an advanced society is how enriched its art and culture are.

Artists like Munch and Vincent Van Gogh expressed their emotions through artwork. Different artists use different art to express their emotions. Some artists use paintings, sculptures, artworks, and literature.  

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the world’s most well-known artists and the man behind the Mona Lisa. He created some of the most famous engineering drawings, concepts for futuristic machines, sculptures, and paintings that are still highly sought after and studied.

How Art Transforms the World? 

Undoubtedly, Art has a strong power that even improves people’s mental health. Science proves that art plays a huge role in the betterment of the mental health of a person. You get new ideas, and your creativity will start exploding. That’s why many people have used art to polish their creative skills.  

World leaders like George W. Bush and Winston Churchill all partook in creating art. The world has been defined by the creative genius of many of the world’s biggest personalities; From painting to self-expression through brushstrokes, art has defined the course of humanity one way or another.

For decades people have used art to change the world. In ancient Greece, art was the sole means of communication. Greeks were firm believers that God would reach them with the help of art and music. That’s why they gave immense importance to these two things. For them, art and life were nothing different.  

In modern times, things aren’t much different. Artists, singers, and painters create incredible modern works. They portray the struggles, social issues, and political injustice in their work.  


Art changes the beliefs, thoughts, and even mindsets of people. Indulging yourself in healthy activities and immersing yourself in art is a good thing.   

How can simpatico books help? 

Simpatico books have a wide collection of artworks, eBooks, short stories, and paintings. We want to change this world with our neo-expressionist artwork and thought-provoking books. 

Young Girl Artwork by Eloy 2021



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