People and Change

Hernia FTE part 4

Esa inquietud y desesperación del corazón quiero quitar con mis historias. Para que se den cuenta que no tienen que culpar el momento, causado por varias cosas, y ver lo fino que es en lugar. Y así hacerlo util. That desperation and stillness knot from the heart you feel I would like to take away […]

The Impact of Art on your life

Pearl Artwork by Eloy

Art and life are interconnected; it is a gift for everyone making life easier and happier. A living soul craves new experiences that evoke emotions in them. Art makes us alive and helps us understand the complexity of the world.   It allows us to know more about ourselves and start the journey of self-awareness. We […]

How art & life are connected & Purpose Of art 

Young Girl Artwork by Eloy 2021

The main purpose of art is to help people and evoke emotions in them. These emotions range from sadness, sorrow, pain, anger, happiness, joy, and many more. There is a lot of research on understanding the connection between art and life. This blog takes us through some of the findings on the topic. Connection Between […]